Creepy old doll

Did I really hear that? But I had to see what was inside, Then out of the corner of the hallway was a doll with one eye and then creeping around the door was a old bony hand with flaky piece of skin attached to each finger and a old tattoo on his middle finger […]

haunted house

Gradually,things started to move,books where flying all through the air, I had know idea what was going on. I tried calling for help but there was no signal, I was stressed and didn’t know what to do, finally I got one bar and called the police. ” Help, help I’am stuck in a scary haunted […]

the bath tub

As soon as it was twilight and I was going for my afternoon bath, I turned on the tap and the water stared rushing out and exited i went of to get ready for my bath,when I heard the bath stop. I went to look to see what happened and there was a clump of  […]

The Pennsylvanian Cake

Once upon a time there was a smelly yellow zebra that had a cactus growing out of his head. One day I was going to Pennsylvania with my friend because we were going to the bake off in cake-bill, our cake we are making is called  a Spliticafurrgurf umbrella cake. ” The thing we are […]