pic nick on the moon

Oh wow! today we are going in a space rocket to the moon. I cant what to go to the moon mum it is a trip of a life time. My friends are going to be so jealous that I get to go and they don`t.

It is time to go now said the space commissioner. lets go kids.I can believe we are going to the moon as a family are we going to have a pic nick on the moon mum and dad sorry kiddo you are not aloud to have a pic nick on the moon.Wow we are moving very fast when. BANG! CRASH?     

3 thoughts on “pic nick on the moon

  1. Whoa Shaylah! Talk about getting your audience’s attention straight away… a trip to the moon! Well done! You’d need to move very fast in order to get there indeed! I liked how you included a space commissioner in your story, as it made it sound very official and I imagined being there with her or him… I look forward to reading your next 100 word challenge.

    Mrs Pratt

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