100WC Shaylah!

Hi may name is Maddie. Today i decided to climb a tree and i got stuck.Mum said” how did she get up there” My little brother said.mum said” i have now clue”.i  said “i lost my kite up there so i went to go get it “. lets try to get you down mum said. it […]

Albatross in danger !

In the 1940s the short-tailed albatross population went from tens of millions to such a small amount that people believed that they had gone extinct. To help keep the albatross population at a healthy level, it is suggested to not shoot them or take their nest and food away. I chose the albatross because they are […]


I was walking on a lot of pine needles and it felt like walking on a soft cushion. The sun was up and there was a great smell in the air when a giant big foot appeared. It had an enormous white and gold tea cup in its hand but the tea slipped out of his […]

if i was in charge

If I was in charge I would let children not go to school for 12 weeks and free food . I would make every two weeks snow and the others summer Autumn and spring be the same.And your birthday is every Mondays and Saturdays. and every one had lots of money and the sky would […]