3 thoughts on “Albatross in danger !

  1. Hi Shaylah. I live in Australia, so I am not very familiar with the short tailed albatross. I like how you used a Thinglink to present some information about the short tailed albatross that I could look at and read to learn more about this bird.

    I have some questions for you:
    Have you ever seen a short tailed albatross in the wild, or only in zoos?
    When did you learn about the albatross being close to extinction?
    Is there something you, or your class can do to help the albatross?

    I feel sad that human activity such as hunting, or taking over their habitat are the main reasons for this bird being close to extinction. I wonder what humans are doing now to help solve a problem that we created.

  2. Hi Shaylah
    I have done a project on the Albatross and I agree that they are going to be extinct soon. W3e should try to keep their environment clean and make sure they don’t go extinct. Please visit my blog!

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