the pretzel gun 100WC

Run,run! cried Bella. it is going  to shoot you no cried the terrified little girl. In comes the twisted but odd gun i call for help and the only thing that could here was nothing me and my friend were the only ones here.lets run but i don’t think we will make it, cried Tracey. ”yes we will make it” said Bella ”i don’t think so but can we try” said Bella ”OMG i have an idea” lets go to this forest to hide no one will be able to find us.” said Tracey.  we can eat THE PRETZEL GUN.


2 thoughts on “the pretzel gun 100WC

  1. Hi Shaylah
    i’m Kiera from Point Chevalier School, NZ. I am going to be your blog buddy. I liked that your story projected a picture in my mind on what’s happening in the story. What i think you need to work on is your punctuation.

  2. Hi Kiera
    thanks for the advice,i will look at it more carefully now.
    Hey,what is you school like?
    Is it hot up there?😃

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