it had been raininng all morning

It had been raining all morning the only thing I could do was watch TV and be BORED.” No “Cried Bella. It is so sunny out side NOT! I cant do anything ,But wait I could build a card bored fort, Were could i get the cardboard from. I know just the place in dads secret cardboard cupboard. How many peaces should i get 12 would be good lets start. This is going to be the best rainy day ever . I will start with the walls then go to the roof . This looks amazing but i am exhausted from that building.


One thought on “it had been raininng all morning

  1. Wow this sounds like a super fun rainy day activity! I like the secret cupboard it would be interesting to reead more about that this is a good start! It would be useful to double check grammar and capital letters for next time.

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