As I ran home from school I saw a note on the ground and it said it was for Bella rose. As I read the contents of the letter,I was aware of the smile on my face. Yes the note was from my papa he is coming home from war. I better go show mum […]

book club

What is book club? Book club is were people go to read a book. In the book club they have to read a certain book. The book that i’m reading is Skulduggery pleasant. It is about a girl and a human skeleton, the girl is called Stephanie.Her uncle Gordon has die from an accident. My favorite part […]

o to the day

One day I was going for a walk at my regularly time.When I got home it was 12.00 o’clock so that means LUNCH TIME.For lunch I will have a ice tea as she was having her tea she looked out the window she saw flames desperate, She screamed for help because the flames got closer and closer […]

the more the more

One day I was going for a walk in the forest and when I was walking suddenly stopped, It was a unusual enchanted door.I have never seen such a thing in my life.The more closer I got  the more scary it was. It started to glow and the wind got heavy I started to get a […]