the mistery hand

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bill, he was only 19 years old and he wanted to be a a super hero. One day he went down to his bunker at the bottom of his tree house and he saw a big glass of green goo and on the glass it said”DO […]

but what colour should it be…….

“Today we are painting my bedroom wall” I said. But what colour should it be blue, sky blue, royal blue, baby blue, navy, baby pink, bubblegum, coral, dead salmon (that is a colour), french rose, rose, ruby, ultra, yellow, mellow, royal, banana, lemon, violet, mink, tiger, punch, strawberry, watermelon, jungle, jade, orchid, candy apple, raspberry, […]

!100WC week 6

Look at those pink stairs they are over the blossom river. “I have to go over it to get home” I said to myself. “One foot at a time”.I’am so nervous, I feel like I am going to fall through the bridge.Wow that was hard but I got over in know time. As  got home I cooked […]