!100WC week 6

Look at those pink stairs they are over the blossom river. “I have to go over it to get home” I said to myself. “One foot at a time”.I’am so nervous, I feel like I am going to fall through the bridge.Wow that was hard but I got over in know time. As  got home I cooked some of mum’s amazing pumpkin soup and apple pie. For dinner I had pumpkin soup and for desert I had apple pie and vanilla ice cream. My mum died 2 weeks ago and by making that it feels like my mum is here.


2 thoughts on “!100WC week 6

  1. Hi Shaylah, this is a nice simple story capturing a small part of an ordinary day. I liked the way i could sense the care needed to get over that bridge and I especially liked how your food was helping you to remember your Mum. Personally I love apple pie and ice cream but don’t think I’ve ever had pumpkin soup but if I do it will remind me of your story. Good 100WC.

  2. Hi Terry,
    Thank you for you comment.You should really try pumpkin it is the best with some butted bread on the side to dip in.

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