So many native lady bugs.

“Lets go on a walk through the land of native lady bugs,”said Josie.

“Awesome that would be amazing to be able to see all these lady bugs,”said Blake.

“So why are we waiting lets go,”replied Josie.

“Wow this forest is amazing I love the trees and the big long green LADY BUGS!

“What, did you say big long green lady bugs,”said Blake.

“No I mean lady bugs are taking me away,”said Josie .

” I am being taken away as well,” said Blake

“Wow so many lady bugs awesome!

” Look at these lady bugs I totally need a picture, “said Josie.

One thought on “So many native lady bugs.

  1. I would say… dynamic dialogue!

    Well punctuated Shaylah, good job. I wonder how this will end for Josie and Blake… such an unusual setting to find oneself in.

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