Camp 2018 #

On Wednesday the year 3,4,5 and 67 went on a school camp to Cape bridge water. When we got there we put our stuff in our cabins and we all went on a seal tour.When we were on our seal tour we saw 612 seal and an a elephant seal.My favorite activity was going canoeing […]

E.Ts bike

“Look its E.T’s bike.”said jack. “What happen to it, it has gone straight threw the tree.”said Jessica. “I wonder what happend.”said jack. “Well I think the tree was a little tree and E.T left his bike here ,then the tree probably started to grow and the bike got stuck in it.”said Jessica.  “OK then, I […]

movie night

The bird sawed across the sky like an eagle hunting there pray. Mum can I go to the movies to go see ghost house 2 the haunted house no you cant go to the movie because I said so Jim. but no buts.God mum never lets me ever go to the movies.But what I asked dad […]