We made it on television Fizzy.

Hi my name is Dizzy and I love to dance, when I was 5, me and my friend Fizzy used to go on the streets and dance our hearts out. Until one day when I came home I turned on the television to the news, there was a magnificent supriseĀ ,We seemed to be on the television.The title was amazingĀ  little dancers. As soon as I saw it I straight away called fizzy and told her to watch the news. I cant believe it, so that is why there was so many people dressed up in funny outfits. WE DID IT.

One thought on “We made it on television Fizzy.

  1. I enjoyed your story. It would be exciting to be busking and then find yourself on TV on the news. Do you do any busking? Philip Waller, Auckland, New Zealand

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