Mum and the exhausted kids.

“KIDS lets go for a walk”said Mum.

“Can we go through the cave of ghosts.” said Billy,

“Yes please mum.”said Jack.

“Fine.”said Mum.

As we were going through the cave we saw a lot of bats and bugs, Billy and Jack were running around non stop.

But they were exhausted when they came out.

“You should have not even been running around” said Mum.

Hey mummy can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas go and get some ice- cream and a box of chocolate chips with caramel.

“But it was fun at the start till the kids wanted ice -cream and a box of chocolate chips .”said Mum.



One thought on “Mum and the exhausted kids.

  1. As I mum myself, I know lots about exhausted kids! All of that running around would certainly have tired them out, especially as they would have been distracted by all of the bugs and bats. I’m glad they didn’t see any ghosts though….
    Great description and lovely to see you using dialogue (speech) in your writing too. You’ve done very well with your punctuation, but you only need a comma after Mum, as the end of your sentence is actually Jack (“Yes please, Mum, ” said Jack.) I hope that makes sense!!?
    Enjoy your Christmas and I hope to see more of your writing.
    Melbourne, Australia

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