lost teddy

“Dad where are we going. “said Ella  “Some were amazing.” said Dad “Can teddy come to.” said Ella “Ok.” said Dad “lets go.” said Dad “Wow this is amazing dad look.” said Ella “lets look in the lolly shop.” said Ella “Dad dad dad I have lost teddy some were.”said Ella “lets have a look […]

the pome

There was a young lady that wanted to play the ukulele. She tried and she tried she tried all of the time.  It was completely out of tune as I played to the moon. As I sat down I had a big frown apon my face I  felt disgrace . Then we saw the steeplechase and […]

100WC the fringe festival with a twist

It was as cold as a winter morning in Antarctica, it was 6:50 in the morning and I was getting ready for the fringe festival today. I had washed my black dress and I had bacon&eggs for breakfast.And then the lights were flickering and it was pitch black BANG! CRASH! I was so scared and then the lights went on, SURPISE! HAPPY […]