100WC the fringe festival with a twist

It was as cold as a winter morning in Antarctica, it was 6:50 in the morning and I was getting ready for the fringe festival today. I had washed my black dress and I had bacon&eggs for breakfast.And then the lights were flickering and it was pitch black BANG! CRASH! I was so scared and then the lights went on, SURPISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA wow thanks you guys you are the best of friends lets go to the festival because it is 9.30 lets go go go. Yes me made it just in time and  were not late at all


One thought on “100WC the fringe festival with a twist

  1. Ah! That sounded like a lovely surprise for Emma and double fun for the day ahead! I am not sure if I would enjoy having a surprise party thrown at me or not… Has that ever happened to you?

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