harmony day reflection

Harmony day is about how everyone belongs and respects each other. Harmony day is important because it celebrates all of our differences. My experience with a different culture is what they wear and the types of food they eat.In France they always wear casual clothes at school and out of school.They also eat snails and frogs […]

The empty dungeon

In the snow top mountains there was a dark and gloomy castle. “Why was it so empty.What a surprise it is normally full of dragons and bad evil people.” said Bill. Then out of the blue a man became a werewolf,and the clouds were swirling as though someone had blown them away. Then all of the […]

it was too yuck

It made a huge sound CRASH! peeking around the corner was Ella,”What are you doing dad.” said Ella “Not much.”said dad “Can I have some vinegar mayonnaise pleases” said Ella “Shore said dad ‘I tried it with chips and fish and other stuff.” said Ella “Yuck the vinegar was too sharp.” said Ella ” I hate them […]