the weird GIRAFFE friends

Once upon a time there was a giraffe that had a greasy brown melted marshmallow. “This is the best marshmallow in the world.”said the giraffe. “Look at the wonderful salt lake.”said giraffes friend giraffe. “Wow!”said them both “Would you like some greasy tea giraffe.”said the other giraffe. “I would love some.”said the other giraffe. “come sit” said giraffe “OK” said the other giraffe. Well […]

know one left

12 months before me and my family were going to this lovely valley and it was as warm as a sunny day in Darwin. We decided to have lunch at this nice place in china, it was called Gojal and there was about 30 people in my family. We packed lodes of food like dumplings,spring rolls and […]

Walter Christopher Saunders

Walter Christopher Saunders was born in Warrnambool, Victoria on the 29th of February 1916. At the age of 21 he volunteered for the Australian imperial force (AIF) to serve in the first world war. He was approximately one of the 1,300 indigenous Australians to serve in the AIF during that war.  He went to Port […]

i was so cross that

I was so cross that I smashed my mum’s favorite glass and mum was not that happy about what I did.i was just so angry a tiger eating its pray. I did not no how angry i got over not getting a dog from the pet shop. well now my anger in down maby they […]