The hairy monster

Once upon a hair monster,was a purple hairy monster that was sun baking in the volcano of DOOM.

“What a nice day to have a sun bake in the volcano of DOOM.” said the monster having a sip of his banana smoothie. across the volcano was a swimming pool with a toucan having a midday swim in it and he also had a banana smoothie too.

“How is it going over there toucan.” said the purple hairy monster

“Great how about you.” said the toucan

so for about 20 minutes they had a little chin wag about how there families are and how they are going.






One thought on “The hairy monster

  1. Hi Shaylah!
    your hairy monster is very similar to my Hairyosaurus! i like this piece and i hope you continue writing in this amazing and wonderful, inspiring and creative way! thanks!!👍😊😃

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