My medal

My medal Round and smooth Ribbon is red for the hart foundation Heavy not lite Round circle About 1mm thin and 8cm tall Hart raced Reminds me I have tried my hardest Stuffed up a lot Believed in myself Knew I could do it Most dedicated skipper  

the spiny dog

As I turned my head, the world spun like a car wheel. “what is happening to me?” said Ryan the chiwawa.”You were chasing your tail as fast a you could and you ended up on the ground.” said babe the pig. Ryan the chiwawa got up and they went back home to see there other […]

the moon catcher

In the wispy clouds of MOUNT GAMBIER was a little moon, the breeze was cold. A man was taking some amazing photographs of the moon and the beautiful coloured sky , and he had an idea his face lit up with happiness. “I want to have my own moon” he said. He wants to make […]