Desperate to get home Allie rode her yellow bicycle down the road to her mothers house. her mother was warned about two robbers out and about stealing food from families. Because she was worried about Allie so she greedily ate on bowls of chips and salsa. “Mum i am home.” replied Allie  “Good you made […]

The first fleet

It was 1788 and the 24 of January. We were heading to botany bay  we were transporting convicts from England that had been sent to British colonies. “lets go through the roll” said  Arthur Phillip Charles Allen John Allen Mary Allen “All right time to get of”said the captain So all the convicts got of […]


There once were some purple bones on a deserted planet. The researchers wanted to know what animal the bones belong to so they took them back to the lab to study them. After a year of studying them they found out that it likes to eat avocados and elephants. “It must have a huge mouth […]