The first fleet

It was 1788 and the 24 of January. We were heading to botany bay  we were transporting convicts from England that had been sent to British colonies.

“lets go through the roll” said  Arthur Phillip

Charles Allen
John Allen
Mary Allen

“All right time to get of”said the captain

So all the convicts got of the Alexander, but somethings stopped them it was the people of the land the aboriginals. they were not happy, but after a rough 2 days and the aboriginals came back to them and said 

“We agree that you can stay”

After that they had a afternoon ceremonial.


One thought on “The first fleet

  1. Shaylah, I really enjoyed this piece. I love where you took your story, and I appreciated how authentic it sounded. The special font was a nice touch as well. Great work!

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