The hidden basement

There once was a girl called snow white who lived in a secret hidden basement. “Snow white can you get the rubbish bin .” said her evil twin sister. “Yes, sister.” she replied. So snow white went out and got the bin, but on her way there she got locked out by her evil twin […]

The painful giraffe

One day there was a painful giraffe that sang a painful song about the dust the went in his eye.” the pain the pain that i went through, pink dust in my eye that, oh hello there” ” Hi what is your name?” said the girl ” My name is the painful giraffe.” he weeped […]

the lost eyebrow play

As it flew towards us, I could not see what it was. Was it a bird or a plane it is a eyebrow “what”said a voice in the crowd. ” “quick catch it.” said the dog catcher Running as fast as the flash in the movie. It took hours to catch it. GOT YA! you […]