….was this really the only….. DIALOGUE, SIMILE, WERE THINGS ARE

2 weeks before, It was Sunday and my little brother Timmy and I went for a walk and mum and dad went to the supermarket to get some toilet paper but they could not get in, dad got a piece of wood and said ” here hold this.” “Was this really the only way. But then they finally got the door open thank heaven we did not have to smash anything. because all they wanted was toilet paper. when wee walked out of the house it was as hot as the Sahara desert. So this is the start of the story.

Bella hurry up, we need to get there before mum and dad get back.” said Timmy

Hold on I am coming just needed to make shore I had everything.”


  • HATS
  • KEYS

Everything ready Timmy “Yep.” LETS GO

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