The lost spirits

In the misty and haunted lake in the eastern part of Australia  was a lake that was home to  lots of people.

Weeks before was an out of control fire that killed 20 people and over 50 animals died or lost there homes.

when you go to the lake you would always get a strange feeling that some one was watching your every move and when you are next to the lake you can hear all of the voices of the people that died in the fire, you can hear them shouting “Help Help.”but you know you cant. So that is why the lake is call “The lost spirits.”

One thought on “The lost spirits

  1. A touching idea, Shaylah. I really enjoyed the unsettling atmosphere you created for your story. I spotted a couple of DADWAVERS, so great job on including interesting sentence structure.

    My wish is for you to take the time to read your story aloud when it is finished, so you can spot when sentences do not quite make sense and adjust them. You will see if you try this strategy that it is very effective.

    Keep up the great work!

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