Trapped pt2

Staring at me was the ragged raccoon with its red eyes, I tried to cut myself free with a small piece of class that was laying on the ground. Hours later, I was nearly cut free and my eyes bloodshot red. “Finally, I am free” ” I am so tired” But it was not over […]


The sky was dark blue, trees swaying with there leaves flying everywhere and the clouds were covering the night. I was out in the night, trapped inside a wooden cabin that had its roof demolished and I was attached to a metal chair with my hands tide behind me and my legs tied so I […]

The big HUNT

The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Grating there claws on the chalk bored, the cheaters were getting ready for the big hunt yelling and screaming. ” Hey, you ready for the hunt?” said the leader. “Yep.” the pack replied. So out they went for the HUNT. Weeks and days later they were back, […]