The Catastrophe

2 weeks ago the whole town was covered with trash, all the animal enclosures were covered with the mess and all the animals were dying slowly everyday, the mayor was in disgust. The people of Semi town came to the meeting the Mayor was holding to talk about what was going on. “ I would […]


In an ancient temple was the lost treasure of the gold viola. We have been searching for this treasure for 2 and a half years and finally we found it, the legend said that if you find the gold viola you will be granted good luck for your hole life. But I the corner I […]

The horror

…That’s when I knew I should run… I was sprinting in the dark with my red velvety cape on i was as fast as a  cheater in the summer. The voice of the lady sounded like a dying pig and that is the reason why I was running, it was my mum she was chasing […]