The Catastrophe

2 weeks ago the whole town was covered with trash, all the animal enclosures were covered with the mess and all the animals were dying slowly everyday, the mayor was in disgust. The people of Semi town came to the meeting the Mayor was holding to talk about what was going on.

I would like to introduce Paul the elephant to the front.” said the Mayor

“Then the elephant delivered his speech.”

“I would like to introduce my fellow occupant to the front to read the speech.”

After he read the speech all the people clapped and cheered for the two of them for coming and talking about what we could do.





One thought on “The Catastrophe

  1. Golly Shayla, I think those animals could teach us all a lesson about cleaning up first our own, then our shared environments. The townsfolk would certainly start to think about taking positive action after being addressed by an elephant!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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