lost in the Arctic

In the wet season called WINTER, I was out taking pictures on the ice of the polar bears and there cub when rustling through the ice was a polar bear running away from a hawk. It slipped a slid all over the ice and landed on a large piece of ice in the middle of the ocean, the ice around it started to melt and the polar bear was stuck stranded on the large piece of ice, trying too find away of the ice he jumped of he iceberg and landed in the -120 degree waters and swam all the way back where he could get dry and stay warm.

One thought on “lost in the Arctic

  1. Hello Shaylah,
    I found your story interesting because it explained how the polar bear might have found itself on ice so far from shore. Well done.
    It is sad to think the prompt photo of a polar bear on a small iceberg a long way from shore is something really happening as the amount of ice at the north pole has been reducing so much each summer. For your bear, it made it back to shore but there are real bears who sometimes don’t. I like your happy ending.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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