In lockdown ( it was a mess )

It was a few weeks of board om in lockdown cos of Covid-19, my life has never been the same.

It was a normal day when in went on TV and it came up as ” A spike of Coronavirus” me and my family wondered what was going to happen if we where going to be taken out of school and work to stay in lock down.

4 weeks later my mum heard that Covid-19 was here in SA, so she rang the school to say that to say that my brother and I will not be at school for 6 weeks or more till there are a less amount of cases.

Then the lockdown began it was a mess after the first week we had done every game in our house hold, with know more things to do we just sat and said ” Lest have a competition who can stair a the white wall for the longest or until the get sick of it. That went on for hours. What else can we do?


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