haunted house

Gradually,things started to move,books where flying all through the air, I had know idea what was going on.

I tried calling for help but there was no signal, I was stressed and didn’t know what to do, finally I got one bar and called the police.

” Help, help I’am stuck in a scary haunted house and everything is floating in mid air.”

“Hahahahah, don’t be silly things just don’t float in mid air, bye.”

With that i tried to get a hold of them but they kept declining me which did not help. Suddenly everything just dropped to the ground.

One thought on “haunted house

  1. A haunted house is a great setting for a story that includes this week’s prompt, Shaylah. I can just imagine how scary it must have been with everything flying around. I like your use of direct speech. It makes it all feel very real – and in this case very disappointing when you don’t get any help! I am so glad the things just stopped flying around in the end. A very neat ending.

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