haunted house

Gradually,things started to move,books where flying all through the air, I had know idea what was going on. I tried calling for help but there was no signal, I was stressed and didn’t know what to do, finally I got one bar and called the police. ” Help, help I’am stuck in a scary haunted […]

The lost spirits

In the misty and haunted lake in the eastern part of Australia  was a lake that was home to  lots of people. Weeks before was an out of control fire that killed 20 people and over 50 animals died or lost there homes. when you go to the lake you would always get a strange […]


There once was a purple happy elephant playing the violin in front of the warm fire. And outside there was a tiger painted in orange and STRANGE.So as the elephant was playing the violin the tiger painted the house in Bright paint PINK BLUE AND YELLOW WITH A BLACK STRIPE down the side of the […]


Were in the forest was a little cottage were two brothers fighting.”No,” he said,”I like Vegemite.” “I thought you hated Vegemite Fred.” “No i think it is great now it has a quit bitter taste.” well as Fred kept eating the Vegemite Ted tried to get the ice out the fridge. “Crash, Ouch” what was […]

The eaten boy

In the dark brown lake of the amazon forest there was a little blue balloon in the middle of the amazon forest. I was walking through the forest and I heard a frightening call “HELP I AM BEING KICKED AND EATEN ALIVE” So I ran to the call and found a little boy being eaten […]