Creepy old doll

Did I really hear that? But I had to see what was inside, Then out of the corner of the hallway was a doll with one eye and then creeping around the door was a old bony hand with flaky piece of skin attached to each finger and a old tattoo on his middle finger […]

the bath tub

As soon as it was twilight and I was going for my afternoon bath, I turned on the tap and the water stared rushing out and exited i went of to get ready for my bath,when I heard the bath stop. I went to look to see what happened and there was a clump of  […]

The Pennsylvanian Cake

Once upon a time there was a smelly yellow zebra that had a cactus growing out of his head. One day I was going to Pennsylvania with my friend because we were going to the bake off in cake-bill, our cake we are making is called  a Spliticafurrgurf umbrella cake. ” The thing we are […]

The school concept.

Then the crowd erupted with laughter, I felt so embarrassed I have know idea why my dad did that. Last week, I was getting ready for my preference at the school concept, I was doing a magic trick with my pet bird floppy. We were doing bird in a hat. I have been practicing for […]


Then it began, we started running down the dark gravel road playing a game of chase and we ran past a crop of long green grass. We heard a scream coming from the crop. ” Help me, I’m being dragged away, Help” His voice sounded petrified, without thinking I ran to help him. Sprinting through […]

The Catastrophe

2 weeks ago the whole town was covered with trash, all the animal enclosures were covered with the mess and all the animals were dying slowly everyday, the mayor was in disgust. The people of Semi town came to the meeting the Mayor was holding to talk about what was going on. “ I would […]


In an ancient temple was the lost treasure of the gold viola. We have been searching for this treasure for 2 and a half years and finally we found it, the legend said that if you find the gold viola you will be granted good luck for your hole life. But I the corner I […]