The sky was dark blue, trees swaying with there leaves flying everywhere and the clouds were covering the night. I was out in the night, trapped inside a wooden cabin that had its roof demolished and I was attached to a metal chair with my hands tide behind me and my legs tied so I […]

The big HUNT

The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Grating there claws on the chalk bored, the cheaters were getting ready for the big hunt yelling and screaming. ” Hey, you ready for the hunt?” said the leader. “Yep.” the pack replied. So out they went for the HUNT. Weeks and days later they were back, […]

the croc river

“I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted as he was hanging on to the rope above the crocodile infested water. “Help.” he screamed  He was hanging on for dear life. A guy was going for a walk and saw the boy hanging there. “Are you OK.” he said “No I need you to come and […]

The horror V2

In the dark forest there were strange sounds all around her and she did not know what to do. Her face turned to a pail white colour, the first, heavy drops of rain had started to fall, she needed to find some were to go. She found a stranded car in the distance, dragging her […]

The hidden basement

There once was a girl called snow white who lived in a secret hidden basement. “Snow white can you get the rubbish bin .” said her evil twin sister. “Yes, sister.” she replied. So snow white went out and got the bin, but on her way there she got locked out by her evil twin […]

The painful giraffe

One day there was a painful giraffe that sang a painful song about the dust the went in his eye.” the pain the pain that i went through, pink dust in my eye that, oh hello there” ” Hi what is your name?” said the girl ” My name is the painful giraffe.” he weeped […]

the lost eyebrow play

As it flew towards us, I could not see what it was. Was it a bird or a plane it is a eyebrow “what”said a voice in the crowd. ” “quick catch it.” said the dog catcher Running as fast as the flash in the movie. It took hours to catch it. GOT YA! you […]

The first fleet

It was 1788 and the 24 of January. We were heading to botany bay  we were transporting convicts from England that had been sent to British colonies. “lets go through the roll” said  Arthur Phillip Charles Allen John Allen Mary Allen “All right time to get of”said the captain So all the convicts got of […]

the moon catcher

In the wispy clouds of MOUNT GAMBIER was a little moon, the breeze was cold. A man was taking some amazing photographs of the moon and the beautiful coloured sky , and he had an idea his face lit up with happiness. “I want to have my own moon” he said. He wants to make […]