In an ancient temple was the lost treasure of the gold viola. We have been searching for this treasure for 2 and a half years and finally we found it, the legend said that if you find the gold viola you will be granted good luck for your hole life. But I the corner I […]

The horror

…That’s when I knew I should run… I was sprinting in the dark with my red velvety cape on i was as fast as a  cheater in the summer. The voice of the lady sounded like a dying pig and that is the reason why I was running, it was my mum she was chasing […]

Trapped pt2

Staring at me was the ragged raccoon with its red eyes, I tried to cut myself free with a small piece of class that was laying on the ground. Hours later, I was nearly cut free and my eyes bloodshot red. “Finally, I am free” ” I am so tired” But it was not over […]


The sky was dark blue, trees swaying with there leaves flying everywhere and the clouds were covering the night. I was out in the night, trapped inside a wooden cabin that had its roof demolished and I was attached to a metal chair with my hands tide behind me and my legs tied so I […]

The big HUNT

The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Grating there claws on the chalk bored, the cheaters were getting ready for the big hunt yelling and screaming. ” Hey, you ready for the hunt?” said the leader. “Yep.” the pack replied. So out they went for the HUNT. Weeks and days later they were back, […]

The lost spirits

In the misty and haunted lake in the eastern part of Australia  was a lake that was home to  lots of people. Weeks before was an out of control fire that killed 20 people and over 50 animals died or lost there homes. when you go to the lake you would always get a strange […]

the croc river

“I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted as he was hanging on to the rope above the crocodile infested water. “Help.” he screamed  He was hanging on for dear life. A guy was going for a walk and saw the boy hanging there. “Are you OK.” he said “No I need you to come and […]

The horror V2

In the dark forest there were strange sounds all around her and she did not know what to do. Her face turned to a pail white colour, the first, heavy drops of rain had started to fall, she needed to find some were to go. She found a stranded car in the distance, dragging her […]